Let’s learn more about your situation to see which treatment package is best for you.

You may be able to DIY if:

  • You have just recently started seeing bed bugs and have found a few to a few dozen after closer inspection

  • Bed bugs have been present for a few weeks/months, but you have not tried to treat them

  • You had bed bugs before, but this is a new occurrence/infestation


You may NOT be successful with DIY if:

  • Self-treatment has been taking place for multiple months with over the counter products

  • Bed bugs have been present in your home for 6 months or more

  • You have used bed bug foggers (bug bombs) in recent weeks


**You may want to consult with a Licensed Pest Control Provider to determine if DIY is right for you (See Resources)**


Home Description?

You may be able to DIY if your home does not have a lot of clutter OR the clutter/congestion can be removed and/or addressed.


You may NOT be able to DIY if your home is highly cluttered

Tips** You may need to hire a cleaning or preparation company and/or reach out to Bulk Pick-Up with your trash service to help with these tasks.


Home Size?

If your home is larger than 3 bedrooms or has more than four residents, you may need to purchase an additional package to ensure all areas can be treated and re-treated successfully. DIY package contents are based on coverage for an average home size of 900 – 1300 Sq Ft.


If you reside in a multi-family complex with 4 or more units, you or your landlord would need to hire a licensed professional according to state law.