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Bed bugs can be picked up in many public places, including medical offices, libraries, thrift stores, ride-share/taxis, schools and daycares. Learn how to stay bed bug free with our tips on Lockdown and Lockout.
DIY Pest Masters Mission Statement
Our mission is to be a local resource to help reduce bed bugs by getting the right answers, products and solutions to individuals. By helping individuals, families and single-family landlords self-treat affordably, we hope to reduce the amount of bed bugs that are carried into other locations. Spreading knowledge that there are self-treatment options that truly work will allow people to use their resources for relief instead of buying products that are not effective. Our mission is to help YOU become your own PESTMASTER!  
OSU Bed Bug Web (bed bug app)
Lancaster-Fairfield Community Action Agency

If you aren't sure if you have bed bugs, you might need a canine team to check out your home combined with Buckeye info
If you are not able to self treat, call the professionals at TLC to have them guide you through the process of professional extermination.
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