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This is a list of tasks that are key in your treatment success. For the best results, we suggest that you prepare and treat your whole home, even in areas where you are not visibly seeing bed bugs.  Please remember that all preparation and the treatment is all Do It Yourself (DIY) and is 100% your responsibility to follow the Prep Steps and Complete Treat lists.


**These steps should be completed prior to each application

**Pesticide treatments frequently require 2-3 applications, but may require additional applications in some situations

Infested with bedbugs



  • First, grab a few trash bags.
    If you do not LOVE an item or NEED an item, it can probably be thrown away. This especially for items in bedrooms, closets, laundry and living areas.

  • Next use trash bags to collect items to be saved and laundered. Once full, tie these bags up so they can be transported to laundry without further spreading bed bugs.

  • Basic cleaning of baseboards/furniture to minimize dust/debris (allows the chemical to stick)

  • Dishes and perishable food items should be put away or covered with a blanket/towel

  • Under beds should be free of clutter, as well as the floor of closets

  • All baseboards and corners should be able to be reached for treatments

  • Remove all bed linens and pillows
    During each treatment, all pillows and linens should be placed in a dryer on high heat for at least 20 min.

  • Books and DVDs can also harbor bed bugs. They should be placed in a sealed bag or container with Nuvan strips and bags kept closed for at least 2 weeks and stored at room temperature
    *Not all packages come with Nuvan Strips

  • All Picture frames, shelf items and knick-knacks should be wiped down with a sanitizing wipe and then placed in a sealed bag up with Nuvan strips and bags kept closed for 2 weeks
    *Not all packages come with Nuvan Strips

  • All outlet and light switch coverings should to be removed and wiped down with a sanitizing wipe.

  • Cimexa Dust can be used in outlet openings and is highly recommended in severe infestations
    *Not all packages include Cimexa Dust 




  • More trash bags will be needed to sort/trash/store/treat kids toys and stuffed animals.

  • All children solid/hard toys should be sprayed and/or wiped down with any disinfectant or Clorox-style wipes.

  • Children’s books should be placed in bags or totes with Nuvan strips and kept closed for 2 weeks.

  • All plush toys should place in dryer on high heat for 20 minutes.




  • Trash bags will be needed for clothes and linens. Items for laundering should be bagged and sealed until they are placed in washer or dryer.

  • ALL clothing and linens in closets and drawers should be removed and placed in a dryer on high heat for at least 20 minutes *note clean items don’t need washed, just dried as noted

  • Dirty laundry should also be removed and laundered prior to treatment

  • Once items are removed from dryer, they should be bagged sealed, and stored until treatment process(es) are complete  *note, since you will be treating your home more than once, these it is easiest not to unpack unnecessary items between treatments (or they will need dried and packed again. Labeling bags/totes is helpful during this process. 




  • Fish Tanks must be covered or removed for treatment

  • Cats, Dog, small mammals, birds and all other pets MUST be removed from the home prior to treatment

  • Dogs and Cats should be taken out of the home or business location and given a bath or grooming the same day as treatment, if possible.




  • To ensure you do not bring bed bugs back into your home, changing clothes after treatment is important. Remember to only use freshly dried clothes, as they will be free of bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs can live in purses, backpacks, books, electronics etc. Caution should be used with these items also when returning to the home.

bed bug eggs


  • Bed bugs frequently hide under furniture, mattresses, box springs, etc. These areas need treated thoroughly and the dust cover (stapled across the bottom) should be cut or removed to allow treatment inside this area.

  • IF you are suffering from COPD, asthma, or other respiratory issues, we recommend that you do not apply products yourself and you stay out of the home for at least 24 hrs after the product has been applied

  • Allow approx. 1 – 1.5 hours to properly apply treatments

  • You and your pets should remain out of the house for approximately 4hrs or until the product is completely dry

Due to the life cycle of bed bugs and the way the products work, 2-3 applications are required 2 weeks apart.  If bed bugs are still present after the 3rd application, treatments should continue every two weeks until the bed bugs are gone. If you do not follow the Prep Steps or do not follow Complete Treat list and re-treat every 2 weeks as recommended or directed, your bed bug remediation may not be successful. DIY Pest Masters is not responsible for any failed treatment or re-infestations.


For further questions or information regarding treatment methods, please watch our tutorial videos or reach out via email